Online play has its own obstacles, compared to playing around a table, so I believe it comes with its own

Are you the player that always fades into the background during interactions? Do you tend to lean towards playing rogues

In a typical RPG, most characters you’ll play will have a backstory. In its simplest form, a backstory is made

As a player, having a DM that can create a palpable atmosphere with few words is important. Being able to

Whether you are on board and want to get 3D printing or need a little more (expert) information than found

Now, this isn’t just another ‘Covid is bad, socialising is good’ article. Instead, I want this to be a resource

Basically, by the end of this article, you should be able to work out whether 3D printing is right for

The premise is to engage the players at nearly every step of the worldbuilding process. It will create a buy-in